Create own Docker images in AWS ECR

Now, you can register you own custom docker image in AWS ECR instead of Secure your docker image through AWS ECR.

  • Install aws cli library 
pip3 install --upgrade awscli
  • Configure aws in your local machine
aws configure

  • After configuration, you can validate these details as seen below
aws configure list

  • Build a Dockerfile to create an image locally
  • Login to remote AWS and create a repository as you do in the GitHub
  • Now, open the terminal and login to AWS ECR from cli
aws ecr get-login --no-include-email --region ap-southeast-1
  • Copy and paste the auto-generated login details
  • Build docker image as normal
docker build -t your-image-name .
  • Create tag for the image you create (here, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx is to be copied from the remote aws ecr repo)
docker tag your-image-name:latest
  • Push it to the remote AWS ECR
docker push