Jenkins Pipeline project

  • Create a Jenkins Pipeline job

  • Select Pipeline script from SCM in the Pipeline section
  • Mention Jenkinsfile with the steps involved for pipeline project

  • Make sure the Jenkinsfile in the project repo
pipeline {

    agent any
    stages {
        stage('Build') {
            steps {
                sh 'pip install -r requirements.txt'
        stage('Test') {
            steps {
                echo 'Stage 2'
                sh 'behave -f allure_behave.formatter:AllureFormatter -o allure-results features/scenarios/**/*.feature'
        stage('Publish reports') {
           steps {
                script {
                        includeProperties: false,
                        jdk: '',
                        properties: [],
                        reportBuildPolicy: 'ALWAYS',
                        results: [[path: 'allure-results']]
  • Checkout dashboard after the job completion

  • Here is the Blue Ocean view

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